Types of Funding

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TCI funding focuses on improving the health of communities within the context of specific funding priority areas. These priority areas were identified to define TCI’s community responsive grant programming, or more specifically, to produce more defined themes within our priority areas and to enhance the portability and replication potential of similarly themed projects across Colorado, Illinois, Iowa and Oklahoma communities. This can take multiple forms:

  • We continue to believe in multiple funding mechanisms that try to meet applicants where they are in their work and evolution. This could encompass multiple themes or forms of support.
  • First-dollar, programmatic or seed funding to nonprofit organizations or governmental entities is a powerful contribution TCI can make to positively impact health status. This funding can also be positioned to provide support for critical work of an organization in strong alignment with our funding priorities.
  • Expansion or spread of already impactful and successful approaches you are doing to other populations or geography.
  • This funding could also be evaluated by a potential applicant to support meaningful capacity building of an organization to better deliver its work or mission that strongly aligns with TCI funding priorities.

We want to meet you where your work is currently positioned and contribute to the successful advancement of your mission.

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