Winter 2022


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Winter 2022 Issue

Year-end Message from our Executive Director

A commitment to shaping a more equitable future for all in the new year

Like many of you, Telligen Community Initiative has completed thoughtful reflection of the past 12 months. As we gear up for another exciting year, we will continue to support innovative and forward-thinking projects aimed at improving health, social well-being and education attainment. To envision how we can achieve more together in the future, discussions and initiatives around health equity are more important than ever before, and it is valuable to look back at our past projects and achievements.

In 2022, we awarded 44 individual grants and over $2 million to grant recipients across Iowa, Illinois, Oklahoma and Colorado. TCI has been honored to support exceptional projects and strategies that have been and will be implemented across these states – all of which embody our belief that every person deserves access to health, especially the most vulnerable members of our communities.

In 2023, we are committing our resources to address the profound needs in the areas of social determinants of health and healthcare workforce development. In the upcoming year, we are also implementing changes to provide greater funding focus, as well as elevating the maximum grant amount that can be received. These changes, which are outlined in further detail later in this newsletter, were implemented thoughtfully and purposefully to provide greater, more targeted impact to benefit the communities we serve.

As we look embark on the new year, TCI remains committed to shaping a different, more equitable future for all. We remain inspired by your work and proud to play a small role in your success.

2023 Funding Opportunities & RFP Changes

Application deadlines are staged by funding priority and open to nonprofits in all eligible states. Maximum award raised to $75,000.

We are announcing our 2023 funding priorities and opportunities which are focused on our commitment to support advancing healthcare workforce development and the social determinants of health. In addition, there are some important changes we would like to highlight as you consider your program planning.

We continue to have two grant deadlines this year, though this year they are being staged by funding priority as opposed to targeted geographic locations. Nonprofits in Colorado, Illinois, Iowa and Oklahoma are eligible to apply for each of our two funding cycles. Additionally, we have elevated the per grant maximum award size to $75,000.

Our work in the social determinants of health is changing significantly.

We are focusing our interest in very intentional ways to achieve both greater impact and creating an improved opportunity cost of time for our applicant community. We have elected to significantly focus our social determinants of health funding interests around emphasizing the integration of childhood, family and community health in new ways. TCI wants to resource efforts that advance optimal physical, mental, and social health well-being for families, children and youth.

Below highlights our 2023 areas of emphasis for applicants to consider. The RFP for each TCI funding priority discusses both areas in greater depth.

Healthcare Workforce Development

Deadline: March 3, 2023
Maximum Grant:
Year-end Message from our Executive Director

We intend to seek and support grant projects that address the following themes:

  • Skilled and inclusive healthcare workforce
  • Career laddering
  • Practice and policy development
  • Interdisciplinary education
  • Para-professional development
  • First generation learners / student assistance programming
  • Youth career exploration / STEM
  • Community Health Workers, health navigators or apprenticeships
  • Telehealth / distance learning / rural access
  • Health career degree and accreditation planning
  • New healthcare workforce models
  • Health workforce resiliency

Strengthening Families and Communities

Deadline: June 16, 2023
Maximum Grant:
Colorado, Illinois, Iowa & Oklahoma
We intend to seek and support grant projects that address the following themes:

  • Pre-pregnancy and pregnancy - healthy births
  • School readiness and school health
  • Health parenting skill development / strengthening family supports
  • Adverse Childhood Experiences (ACEs) prevention / protective factors

We are committed to supporting you as you evaluate your funding in the new year. Full RFPs for both grant applications are available to view and download on our website. The grant application can submitted using TCI's online application portal outlined below.

If you have questions or want to discuss the application process or your funding area, please contact staff at 515-554-2908 or

Submit Your Grant Application Via TCI's Online Portal

Organizations are encouraged to complete the TCI grant application by using the Online Application Portal.

This user-friendly portal includes applications for both grant cycles and will send the user a verification confirmation upon the submission of your proposal.

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